We are closed on Mondays!
Our hours of operation are Tuesday-Sunday 9am-4pm at our Masonville location, 1673 Richmond St, and at our downtown location, located inside CommonWealth Coffee Co.
Delivery is available through UberEats and DoorDash.
*Please note we do not offer substitutions or refunds on any orders placed on our website.
Cancelled orders will receive a store credit.

Our Classic Donuts

Our standard donuts very rarely change! Why? Because they are a staple in the shop and even though we love to change things up weekly, some things should remain the same!

Our Weekly Specials

We change our flavours every Tuesday and they stay on the menu until Sunday of that week! We always try to create a flavour for every palette! If you love it, we will make it! If you have any flavour ideas, our ears and mouths are open to give it a try! You never know, your flavour might make it into our case for a weekly flavour!

Our Special Flavours

Along with our standard donuts and our weekly flavours, we have sporadic flavours that come out throughout the week and they are only 1 day and there is only 24 of each special flavour! They are not listed here on our website because they are available for walk in only! They are always listed on our instagram stories. Check ’em out below.

Our Story

Boxcar Donuts is a love affair and it started as an idea alongside of our existing business, CommonWealth Coffee Co. We just felt something was missing. Our coffee was calling on its BFF to join the team. DONUTS! Because really, coffee + donuts right??

Fast track 1 year later and the question was what if? What if we could make the best donuts this side of SW Ontario. Or even Ontario? Or what about CANADA?? Well we’re on our way!! Our small 2 person bake team – husband + wife – pour every single ounce of heart and soul into each donut we make.

As self taught bakers, we strive for the perfect flavour profile by using either fresh fruit, all natural colourings, or organic natural extracts in our glazes to sit atop our perfect melt in your mouth yeast dough. We seriously do not rest – pun intended – unless everything is perfect. Beyond perfection is the name of our game. With this we believe that each donut tastes even better.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do making them.


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