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Donation Request information

Thank you for connecting with us and for thinking of us for your cause or event!   The information below will help us explain how we make decisions about donations and our to share with you how our involvement in any donation is based on our core values as a company.  

Our questions for you are below:

Are you requesting a donation for animal welfare and safety?  

We involve ourselves in projects that actively help and assist in protecting animal health and all animal’s from abuse and neglect.

Does your request involve protecting Women & children from violence and abuse? 

As a Female founded Company, our desire is to help be a voice for other Women & their children and work with organizations who are actively working to make long lasting positive impacts in their lives which spur permanent change.

Is your request for a mental health based project? 

We support local agencies, community groups and companies that are focused on solutions to help those who need some extra assistance living in our Community day to day.

Would our donation contribute to income equality and homelessness? 

We support projects that work to close the growing gap between rich and poor, and initiatives that support people marginalized by poverty and who unfortunately, are suffering.

Please keep in mind that the majority of the donations we can offer are gift cards and other door/raffle prizes such as our clothing merchandise.  We may also be able to offer donuts and coffee to events that want to serve themselves.  Because we work on a quarterly basis, our promotions, giveaways, and donations are planned well in advance for our full calendar year.  Our small business budget determines how much, what organization/event/charity, and when we can donate for each cause that is submitted.  With this in mind, please understand, if at this moment our quarterly donation slots are full, we may be unable to accommodate or fulfil your request. 

Please fill out this form to complete your donation request and we will get back to shortly!

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